Where were you at two?

Larry Woods
1 min readJul 2, 2021

I have a theory that we never forget anything. It is a theory that cannot be proved, or disproved, so let’s continue.

Credit: Minnie Zhou

What about memories from your early, very early childhood? Why can’t we remember them? When we recall a memory, how do we recall it? We see it as a narrative; a short story. We see it in words since we can describe it to some level if required. This requires our use of language, which is what causes us to be unable to describe early life events. When we experience early life events we haven’t developed our language capabilities so we cannot save these memories in a form that can be recalled later in life! We can’t describe early experiences because we don’t have a language that can describe them.

Do the memories of pre-language experiences affect us today? Is the definition of the Unconscious really just the part of the brain that cannot be explained because it was formed before we had learned how to describe it; the development of our verbal language capabilities?